Kristiansand is the fifth largest town in Norway, founded in 1641 by the Danish-Norwegian king Christian IV who also gave the town its name. On this bestselling tour you visit a lovely open air museum a short coach drive outside town.

The buildings have been moved here from the town centre of Kristiansand and from farms in the valley of Setesdal. The buildings date from the late 1500s to the 1890s. You then go by coach to the village of Søgne where you visit a small church from 1640. Simple on the outside yet exquisitely decorated inside. You get the opportunity to walk through a charming street of white timberbuildings so typical of the region. You return to the ship by driving along the scenic coastal road seeing the ocean and the sea, quaint summer houses and the new stunning Performing Arts Centre.


TIME: 3,5 hours
CAPACITY: Unlimited
Walking distance:1 km, some high steps must be maneuvered


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